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The Battle of Turkey Thicket. This true story describes the curious life and travels of Philip Thomas Hughes, an orphan who sought to escape the comfortable monotony of a mid 20th century life. In recounting Philip’s journeys, we witness the civic evolution of Washington, D.C., Chicago's Skid Row, romance amidst Japan's post-World War II reconstruction, and the chaotic battlefields of the Korean War. The story of Philip and his family is one of spiritual faith that was formed, challenged, and reconstituted through sacrifice. This book reveals the history behind a forgotten memorial, while rescuing the story of Philip Thomas Hughes - and his journeys -  from oblivion.

The Gold Chevron.  At the end of World War I, shortly after returning to the U.S., the 53rd Regiment recorded its history in a long-forgotten narrative document. This digital reproduction includes an extensive collection of photographs, maps, and sketches. Included are descriptions of: Regimental formation and stateside training ** Transatlantic crossing ** Intermediate bivouac in England ** Deployment in France ** Logistical preparation for battle ** Combat, including the Meuse-Argonne offensive ** Post-war occupation and service ** Return to the U.S. and subsequent disbandment ** Complete 53rd Regiment roster (name, rank, and sub-unit) for over 2,600 men as of March 31, 1919 ** List of casualties by name, rank, serial number, company, and date ** Texts of citations and awards ** Tabulation of home states for regiment members.

The Industrial Energy Harvest.  In a world with increasingly constrained resources, energy captures top management attention. Using language that is accessible to as many readers as possible, "The Industrial Energy Harvest" explains the connection between energy and business performance. Corporate leaders, production managers, machine operators, policy advocates, and technology providers will all learn how day-to-day choices relate to the risks and rewards of energy use. Short, punchy chapters explain how energy is invested, preserved, and ultimately positioned to create wealth. "The Industrial Energy Harvest" makes the challenges and opportunities of energy use accessible to all readers that have a stake in industrial competitiveness.

North American Energy Audit Best Practices. This report presents the results of a survey conducted in late 2009 of 15 North American energy audit program coordinators and energy audit experts.  It also references three recently published program-specific evaluation reports.  Survey respondents represent programs that have collectively provided over 18,000 energy audits of all description.  This investigation studies programs that offer energy audits as a means for advancing energy efficiency policy goals.  An energy audit is a profile of energy consumption, use, and waste in a building or industrial production process.   Energy audits are provided by many utilities and government agencies not only as a service to customers, but as a way to facilitate public policies for waste reduction and pollution prevention.  Survey respondents provided valuable lessons learned in the design, promotion, conduct, and evaluation of energy audit programs.  This report summarizes those findings with additional comments and analysis by the author.


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